Solar Roof Top Power Solutions-Off grid & On-Grid
Megapowerengg offers clean and green energy solutions to domestic, commercial and industrial customers through off-grid and / or grid connected solar PV power module.
The off-grid power module will cater to the loads connected and work on stand alone mode. If customer needs extended power solution beyond day time, then a set of storage battery banks will be supplied to meet this additional requirement.
The grid connected system will work as shown in the diagram. Whenever solar power is available, the loads will be fed and automatically draw power from grid when solar power not available.


With OR without Battery Bank.
System will be in operation during solar time.
Higher Efficiency and Maintenance free.
Lower Cost.
The system works on stand-alone mode.


In grid-connected solar PV systems the solar energy produced by the solar panels is converted to AC (alternating current) by a solar grid inverter.
Using a power transformer the generated AC power will be fed to the grid.
No Battery storage and hence the plant will only functions in the
day light and the generated power will be evacuated to the grid.

The timeline for implementation is between 6 to 7 months.

Advantages of wind power –

Less moving parts compared to traditional Thermal power plant equipment.
Due to above reason Low Mechanical breakdown , wear and tear and Low Maintenance cost.
Operation Monitoring by OFC connectivity
Higher output compared to Solar power and implementation time is lower.
Longer life of equipment.

Solar MW Power Solutions:

The equipment is a grid tied power plant with battery backup and standalone inverter operation in case of grid failure. The unit will convert the solar power to AC and feed to the single/three phase grid. The unit has a battery charging operation from solar source or mains.

When the solar power is not available the load will be supplied from mains. In case of mains failure the unit will operate in standalone inverter mode and supply to the load.

The unit has inbuilt MPPT to utilize optimum solar array capacity.